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Last Call For Alcohol Part 2 Review


Hello there to all of whom check for this column.  I’m ere to shed some insight on my weekend and open your ears to some new sounds as I was just invited to check out.  But first allow me to re-introduce myself to the new reader.  I have been labeled the Forrest Gump of Hip-Hop, the inventor of Rock meets Hip-Hop radio and of course, Big Boy’s first neighbor in our hood!  I’m so not new to this, but I‘ll always remain true to this thing we call Hip-Hop. Don’t get it twisted though being a critic is not an easy job as it goes, freelance ain’t what it used to be, artist egos are big, DJ’s are even bigger, and who pays in the long run for this when everything is free?  I still don’t know but I do love new music and speaking of it we should get started into the reason for this review.  Thanks to Nasty Nes I’m able o give you some much needed insight into the mix tape land in which I dwell.  And why pray tell should you ever take my world on anything?
Well let’s say after one heck of a journey in making record with some of today’s brightest stars and writing a bunch of big songs. I quit it all to buck the system and create a little company called World Wide Heavywieght-Nes knows all to well where this is gong already, but whatever man I gotta breath on the track a little – right?

Any way WWH gave light to some of the biggest DJ’s in the mixtape game namely DJ Rectangle.  Yeah I personally built the mixtape and vinyl business comes to be, as we know today.  It was based off the old school mentality of “giving the people what they want”; we just did it far bigger than the RIAA was ready for.  And so it goes caterpillars turn into butterflies and our business grew, as did the myth of DJ rectangle and I’m sure everyone here knows the story.  We got popped before it was in fashion and everything ceased.  But as I say that’s myth and ya boy has never been arrested on any charges year to date.  So enough with giving the feds the game I jus wanted to set the record straight that I know this and what I speak on is the gospel and my truth…so without further ado let’s go song for song, fuck it I’ll write it ya’ll sit back and read. Presents…
DJ KRILL & T-Brewer present Free Gas Mixtapes… Last Call For Alcohol Part 2

I’ll keep the links on board so that you ca go direct or download it all at once and make your own CD.  It’s your call, I made a CD and really recommend jamming one of your own because its really dope driving music.
1. Stunna Boi – Freaky Ish Produced By K.E.

The south ain’t doing the most without Stunning and Stunna Boi gets it popping first off the bat with his return to the Fresh Ish.  My dude K.E. brings the beat to ominous levels; please have woofers that can sustain this boom.

2. Roscoe Dash, Yung Berg & K-Young – Put It On You

Never was a YB fan because I ain’t young enough, but Krill I gotta give credit where it is due and tell you this nigga is nice on this joint strictly for the ladies to let’em know how they gonna Put it down or on you or up in you…whatever you get the point here.

3. YG & Soulja Boy – Toot It And Boot It Remix

This was funny as it gets because Soulja boy is swaggnificant here and keeps the key of YG’s song about as far away from the correct place as he could get it, but this shows us a perfect example of coast don’t matter when the beat it right.  So shine on Soulja boy does and if you are alive in summer of 2010 then you know what Toot it and Boot it really means!  Even though this CD is for the ladies, I think the fellas well get a kick out of looking at their expressions when the songs play through.  T-Brewer you a fool!

4. Playboys – Family Fun Produced By Vaeda Boy V12

Now this jam is hilarious and if the last song gave her that look and it made you smile this one is gonna tell-on-you!  The intro says it all but it also speaks leagues to the art of “keeping it real”.  Vaeda Boy V12 where do you get these songs?  Much less how do you keep the beats so clean?  I love this because there’s just no shame in Playboys game.

5. Hitman Shawty & Ms. No Tonsels AKA Coco Brown – I Can Make

When Ms. No Tonsels speaks its over…very XXX rated. Nuff said.

Straight freak shit perfect for

6. Frayser Boy – Gutta Chick

Tis a lil shout to a Gutta Girl, kind of reminds me a Apache’s hit from back in the day, “I need a gangsta bitch”  this is on hit although it may not speak for every chick it doesn’t say something about the state of the union of what goes on so I applaud Frayser Boy for thinking out the box here.  Or is it in the box!

7. Pretty Boi Fresh – Ladies Ova Here

Now I’m not sure who produced this with the old break but the tempo totally is where the mixtape starts to go.  Put this on and watch the party get active.

8. Stuey Rock – Baby Baby

Now is Kilo G (my muthafucking nigga) on the hook of this song?  I don’t know because it’s not enough info!  Somebody tell him to hit ya boy!  This is all about party jam an turnt completely up. Let’s go for the ladies to “do work”.

9. Rich Boy, Drake, Polo Da Don & Lloyd – To The Floor

This gets the party jams on the pro level. I can see the strip club going off right about here.  Welcome back Rich Boy!  This is classic listening and I’m all the way with it.

10. Mack Maine, Lil B, Yung Berg & Too Short – Ass On Deck

Do you have ass on deck?  Play this song loud enough to get it lil dude.

11. Soulja Boy, YG & Alycia – Greedy

Now here’s a real combo punch with SBoy and YG, I can feel the

12. Playboys – Need Somebody Produced By Vaeda Boy V12

Ok this is totally different from Playboys at first but they jump into a strip club anthem and yes the bounce is here.  Keep the grind time on shine.

13. Freedom – Billion
WTF and who’s this nigga?  I’m like reggae/bounce/dance he’s like what Akon was but speaking to another generations.  Wow crazy lyrics too he’s nice.  I can dig it.  Let’s fuck with FREEDOM ya’ll he’s new and a raising the bar to another level of the game, I like the hook because who don’t need a billion.

Yo I think he’s from lil Haiti or something….ya its right.

14. Da Kid, Mac Bre-Z, Ms. Go Ham, Asia Beverly, Cover Girl, Mizz Kitty And Coco Kiss – Flava Of Love Produced By Da Kid

This is another combo punch with all the team coming at you full frontal and force.  Shouts out to Flavor Flav (and you better spell it right, because he’s a real nigga and he already corrected me when I was putting the math in my phone, I was like damn this nigga is serious and not so much fun about your name this my phone not an awards show…haha).

15. Mac Bre-Z & Scrappy – Show Em What It Is
The Candy Lady Baby is stepping up to the game like a new next Trina.  Ok baby girl go time.  Make nigga tuck/dip and roll they little lite weight excuses for getting it in…we feel Mac Bre-Z.  I see your endorsement Scrappy.

16. Frenchie – Its OK
This had the Free Gas news intro which brings the entire CD together.

Frenchie gotta rep the get paper gang.  What I like about his flow is although he kicks the same ‘ol same he is just talking about getting your paper up!  He OK, do you!

17. Hot Dollar, Gucci Mane & The Suppliers – Keep Ya Man

No everyone is asking what happened to Hot Dollar because he was making a lot of noise many moons ago with his Felli Fell, but he’s back with the Suppliers and Gucci.  Some more exclusive shit!  Not sure when this was recorded but it sounds relevant today.

18. Roscoe Dash Interlude

Now I’m not a fan of every song here but I am a fan of good music and we all now know why Roscoe Dash is who he is…but the interlude needed to work better here.  Fuck drops on mixtapes, give us MUSIC!

19. JaBar & Roscoe Dash – Bad Muh F*cka Produced By K.E.

Here we go back into the music and making heat rocks.  I needed this to begin with, sounded like I was flipping a tape over on that last interlude, now we cooking with grease.  Back on track right here and right now thanks in part to JaBar an Dash, and KE.

20. Frayser Boy – My Type Produced By Carlito
Another Bad Girl anthem, they gonna fall for this in the club if they ain’t already going in on it.  Which I could be completely out the loop and this is huge in Memphis or some shit like that.  BIG GIRLS STAND UP!

21. Korleon, Bambino And Gutta Twin  Good Pu$$y Produced by Glaciar

Now this was so funny I had to tape it twice!

22. Young Trap – Love The Way

Always love that sample from NEXT FRIDAY.

23. Freedom – Run Dis

Here we go again with this FREEDOM.  Safe to say he’s here twice and showing out like a real star.  Where did this guy come from?

His sound is fresh and he’s kicking raw and uncut.  The vocals are big but the rhymes work effectively too.  He’s actually kicking some ill rhymes and talking about some real shit on a nice remake.  Ok we once again give the thumbs way up!!!!

24. J-Local, Sandman & CoCo Kiss – Wild Out
She sounds like all the members of JJ Fad,  ya’ll don’t know nothing about Supersonic.  Just a snippet though…

25. Cyco – Datsz Wuz Up
Cyco is keeping it all the way active here and this beat rumbles in the jungle.

26. Calico Jonez – Elevator
Swish Gang coming thru to bless up the mic.  Even though its just a snippet this reminds me of new Jeezy. OKAY.

27. JayStonez & Shawnna – Aww Yeahhh
Once again Shawnna works us up and talks that talk and can make you have a straight bust off.  She knows what she’s doing here with for sure.  Now JayStonez is doing exactly what we all thought Luda should have done with her ere.  This is a DJ Krill exclusive and I’m glad he shared with us.

28. Shop Boyz – The Truth
Is this the Party like a Rockstar dudes?  They came back hard on this one here.

Like for sho I needed to hear something new for once…they just took off on the R&B market with this one and its clean?  Lets go!

29. Frayser Boy – Freaky Tales
Back to the star of the FREE GAS mixtape.  Nice Too Short re-work and talking the right game to these girls.  Who’s this girl Krill?  She’s a star and I wanna speak on her right here and now.

30. Korleon – Last Call For Alcohol

This is the closer and perfect ending to make you wanna reach for the repeat on your player. Korleon is bananas and this is never dull.  Get your paper up and get your drank on!!!

Yeah ya’ll the exit strategy was golden here I gotta give props as I hoped I help you enjoy your copy of Free Gas #2.  I added the words to guide you to the show outs and stars here, but the real generals are T-Brewer -yous a fool,

and my muthafuckin nigga DJ Krill. Shouts to the site  sounds like ya’ll set this weekend on fire.

If you already got the download proceed to tell a friend where as if you’re a friend and didn’t get told, please evaluate your relationship with that nigga.

They obviously don’t like you that much, but I do…

It’s been such a pleasure ya’ll.

A-LOVE99 and I’m saying just ask Nasty Nes if you need someone to walk you through another listen and until I see you, you ain’t seen me!  Gotta love somebody so learn to love yourself.  I fucks with ya!

Download On Lime Linx HERE!


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Frayser Boy “No Competition” NODJ/CDQ

NODJ From Frayser Boy And DJ Scream “Still Breathin” Mixtape!

Frayser Boy – No Competition

Bonus NODJ Tracks From Mixtape!

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Last Call For Alcohol Part 2 Presents…

Free Gas Mixtapes & DJ KRILL Presents… Last Call For Alcohol Part 2

4. Playboys – Family Fun Produced By Vaeda Boy V12

5. Hitman Shawty & Ms. No Tonsels AKA Coco Brown – I Can Make

8. Stuey Rock – Baby Baby

9. Rich Boy, Drake, Polo Da Don & Lloyd – To The Floor

12. Playboys – Need Somebody Produced By Vaeda Boy V12

13. Freedom – Billion

14. Da Kid, Mac Bre-Z, Ms. Go Ham, Asia Beverly, Cover Girl, Mizz Kitty And Coco Kiss – Flava Of Love Produced By Da Kid

19. JaBar & Roscoe Dash – Bad Muh F*cka Produced By K.E.

24. J-Local, Sandman & CoCo Kiss – Wild Out

25. Cyco – Datsz Wuz Up

26. Calico Jonez – Elevator

27. JayStonez & Shawnna – Aww Yeahhh

28. Shop Boyz – The Truth

29. Frayser Boy – Freaky Tales

30. Korleon – Last Call For Alcohol


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Money By Da Pound Records Teams Up With DJ Scream Hood Rich Ent

Frayser Boy, DJ Scream, Da Yungin$ And Dirty Mike Live !!!

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93 Free Gas

01. Soulja Boy – Clientele [Prod. By Lex Luger]

02. Slick Pulla Feat. Yung L.A. & Young Dro – Count Dem Racks [Prod By Vybe Beatz]

03. Wooh Da Kid Feat. Gucci Mane – Talkers

04. 1090 Blokk Boys – Presidential Suites [Prod. By Beatz]

05. DC Yung Hot – Mile Away [Prod. By VaedaBoy V12]

06. Gucci Mane Feat. Frayser Boy – Makin’ Plays (Remix)

07. Frayser Boy – No Competition

08. DC Yung Hot – Good Girl 2 [Prod. By VaedaBoy V12]

09. Supa Villain – Actin’ Lame

10. Just Rich Gates – Freestyle

11. Big Stacksss – Gone With The Wind [Prod. By Cryptonite]

12. Slick Feat. Yung Blaze & Cadillac Don – What You Got On [Prod. By Lil Keis]

13. Lil Hot Feat. Project Pat – Trap Spot

14. Lone Shaud – What They Mad For

15. DC Yung Hot – Round And Round [Prod. By VaedaBoy V12]

16. Slick Pulla Feat. Tone – I’m That Guy

17. Mac Bre-Z Feat. John Boy – Break Yo Neck Bone

18. Lil Izzy – Cut Da Check [Prod. By Lex Luger]

19. Cadillac Don – That Outside

20. Lone Shaud – Bitch You Aint Shit

21. Roscoe Dash Feat. Slick Pulla – Show Out (Remix) [Prod By K.E.]

22. Supa Villain – Mr. Carter

23. Stuntman Feat. Juney Boomdata & Shawty Lo – They Say Where U Been (Remix)

24. Just Rich Gates – Lifestyles Of The Rich & Shameless

25. Roscoe Dash Feat. Waka Flocka – No Hands Prod By Drumma Boy

26. Rich Boy – Balla Bash [Prod. By Supa Villain]

27. Dirty Mike Feat. Kia Shine & Frayser Boy – Everyday Hustling

Download Mixtape HERE!