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Artist Spotlight Alex Fatt


Alex O. Corchado Landrua also known as “Alex Fatt”, is the first Latin Hip Hop Star coming out from the states to be on Ingrooves Fontana, the largest digital distribution company in America. Now with a major distribution deal for his own record label, WARecords Inc, the one and only major Latin Hip Hop label rite now, Alex can continue to give his perspective on the life of a Latino growing up using his true raw and uncut delivery of music. He is the 1st latin hip hop artist on the roster of WARecords / Ingrooves Fontana, giving him a chance to open the door for the talented, creative and respected latin hip hop artists and the movement their making internationally.

Alex Fatt, an independent artist born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and living for many years in Worcester, MA, has been hitting the music scene for over 16 years independently. The world has never seen such a driven force. His music speaks for itself with his latin lingo,spanglish, raw delivery and edgy lyrics. You can’t deny Alex Fatt is bringing the hunger back to the game.

He has been touring internationally for the past 10 years on his own budget following his passion for music, growing and gaining respect through the United States, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Mexico, the poorest streets of Colombia and prisons in Venezuela. He has performed Live on Pay per-View walking side by side with MMA fighter “Level Martinez”. Many of his shows in these countries have been shared on the stage in front of thousands of people by himself and with artists from the bottom to the top holding his own like a major artist.

Alex Fatt has been hitting the music scene for over 16 years independently. His grind is known to be harder than a diamond and his releases are more on point than a point guard in the NBA. The world has never seen such a driven force like Alex Fatt, with over 10 plus mixtapes and documentaries. This latin hip hop artist is known for an abundance of music videos on Youtube,Vevo, dvd’s and 2 albums w/dvd’s. Here comes what the Latin community has been waiting for since BIG PUN (R.I.P), with his newly released spectacular album revised “Humildon PuRi-Time Edition CD & DVD ” which consist of 16 songs along with 16 official videos with major distribution. WARecords has its very own in house producer the young super star from Spain TRIGGER TRACKS. Alex Fatt has a new major release “1 Man Army “ produced by Trigger with no collaborations, showing he can stand on his own as an Latin Hip Hop artist in this dominating industry. There’s no looking back for Alex Fatt until he puts the Latin Hip Hop movement were it belongs on his journey to the top.

Alex Fatt’s musical collaborations are PHENOMENAL and ENDLESS. He has worked with Tempo, Don Dinero, Julio Voltio, Mc Ceja, Getto, Gastam, Frankie Ruiz Jr, Kid Frost, Philly Freeway, Drag On, and Latin Grammy Producer Diesel to name a few. In Los Angeles he was introduced to Ex Kingpin Freeway Ricky Ross and recorded a song called “Real Gangstas”. Working along side the legend Ricky Ross, Founder of FMG, and Lil Mont (Montrel Montgomery) he was introduced to iLion Don CEO of Chatto music group, an Ingrooves Fontana distributed company. iLion Don being that savvy professional from the streets, recognized the movement of Alex Fatt and quickly established a distribution deal for WARecords,Inc. through Ingrooves Fontana.

There’s no looking back for Alex Fatt. He is determined to put the Latin Hip Hop movement where it belongs, on his journey to the top. You can’t deny that he is a multi-talented artist. He directs, produces,edits, duplicates and prints his own CD’s and independently distributes his work from his trunk and business’. Additionally, he owns a major web site for all Latin Artists and Fans thats blowing up just like the Movement.

Alex Fatt being a Cancer survivor believes he have a reason why to be here alive today in the position he is right now. This independent latin hip hop artist is determined, ready and willing to take latin hip hop to the next level with his ambition, talent and all he has done independently thus far. Alex Fatt is unstoppable. As a leader he plans to expand the latin hip hop market by taking the world by storm, so look out this is a Mass take over. The Latin Hip Hop Movement is here 2 stay… “Why lie? It’s Latin Hip Hop Time…..”

Thats HUSTLING at its best no question

Look out for Alex Fatt’s upcoming tours this year to Chile, Argentina, Spain, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Bolivia, South Korea, Dominican Republic, Hawaii and the UK.


Phone: (424) 653-6193    (Mr. A. Robert)

by Chatto Music Group Inc. for WARecords,Inc./ Ingrooves Fontana